What is Your Personal Style?

What is Your Personal Style?

Have you been wondering what your personal style is? Everyone has a personal style, whether it falls under one category or multiple. In this week’s blog I want to highlight a few types of personal styles and the types of jewelry compliments these styles! 

  • Modern and Chic - If you love taking some time on your outfits, wearing lots of accessories, and go for neutrals - chances are you fall under this category! The Modern/Chic style focuses on muted colors, neutrals, or a monotone look. In return, you let your accessories do the talking. Some jewelry that would go perfect with this style: The Always Appropriate Look & The Take Me Out Look




  • Natural and Relaxed - You are drawn towards comfortable fabrics such as denim, cottons, linens, and lightweight sweaters. You love casual styles that aren’t too bold as you look for minimalist fashion that is basic and lots of clean lines. If you gravitate towards easy, comfortable, and durable, these pieces are just for you! The Minimalist Look & The Fun & Fab Collection 



  • Edgy and Striking- Do you love making a statement through your clothes, makeup, or accessories? You may have a versatile closet with different bold pieces that are ready to make a statement. With this style, you love to wear an eye-catching bag or platform shoes that turn heads. Silver jewelry pieces and striking pendants are a must with this style: The Bad and Boujee LookThe Martini Glam Look



  • Feminine and Romantic - Don’t you just love, love? This personal style reflects soft and flowy clothing, as well as pretty, muted colors like pastels. You may look for details on clothing and accessories that have bows, lace, frills, ruffles, or floral prints. Simple, delicate jewelry is perfect for this style:  The Crushin Trio & The Clausmopolitan Look


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