KC Coachella Predictions

KC Coachella Predictions

It’s the week of Coachella, and we’re all anxiously awaiting the spring season’s biggest unofficial trend debut; Coachella celeb outfits. Coachella has influenced everything from boho, y2k, streetwear, and our prediction for this year’s major trend? WESTERN WEAR. Our prediction stems from several major pop culture events from early 2024.

Starting off 2024 strong, Pharrell presented the Louis Vuitton Menswear Ready-to-Wear F/W 2024 in January with major American Western iconography and cowboy-inspired silhouettes. Turquoise detailing, leather accessories, and most importantly, cowboy hats were seen throughout the entire show, cementing the influence that Western will have on the trend cycles of 2024.

In February, Bella Hadid, arguably the most influential mainstream celeb at the moment, went down an unpredicted romantic path by dating performance horseman Adan Banuelos. She’s changed up her entire haute couture look to cowgirl princess seemingly overnight, but looks completely gorgeous, stunning, and at home in her western gear. 

Lastly, Beyonce released her 8th studio album on March 29th, Cowboy Carter. The album and all of its promotional materials are an ode to Black Americana and Western culture, and has received five stars from Rolling Stone Magazine. We’ll be sure to see her influence in this year’s trends.

Will our prediction ring true? Will fashion be undoubtedly country-fried this year? We’ll see at Coachella this Friday. If you want to get ahead of the curve, check out our Coachella Day Four look.

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