Mother's Day 2024 Gift Guide

Mother's Day 2024 Gift Guide

It's almost Mother’s Day, and with our Mother’s Day Box dropping on Friday 4/19, we wanted to share inspiration for some things you can get or do for Mom! Whether it's something cute for her to wear or something heartfelt we have something for everyone!

Being a mom can be stressful, so getting her something to help out with the stress is a great idea! A gift card or reservation to her favorite relaxing things like a message, facial, or an appointment at the salon shows that you notice, and you appreciate. Give her a day where they don't have to worry about anything at all.

If what you think she needs is some of her favorite things, I recommend making a gift basket. Grab all of her favorite snacks and knick-knacks and maybe include gift cards to places she goes often! This is both a huge help and shows them that you pay attention enough to know her favorite things!

If she enjoys a good meal, consider taking her to her favorite restaurant for a meal–Breakfast at Balthazar in NYC, Manuela for brunch in LA, or dinner at The Capital Grille in Miami! Insist on dessert!

Maybe she puts everyone else’s needs above her own, and could really use something extravagant! An exclusive KC Chic Design, a purse she’s been looking at, or shoes you know she’s wanted for a long time- all would show that you recognize she deserves the world! But regardless of what you may buy, it's my belief that it's best to start their day with a card, a bouquet of their favorite flowers, and breakfast!

For easy gifting and guaranteed delivery by Mother’s Day (order by 4/21), check out our Mother’s Day box dropping THIS FRIDAY!

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