The History of the Met Gala

The History of the Met Gala

Some people have the Super Bowl, some people have the Stanley Cup, March Madness, or even the Olympics, but here at KC, we have the MET GALA. So, let's talk a little bit about the Met Gala, its history and significance, this year's theme, and the best looks on the red carpet—or, in this case, the best looks on the Met steps.

The Met Gala is an annual event hosted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the first Monday of May. Established in 1984 by fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert, it aimed to fundraise for the museum's newly founded Costume Institute and marked the opening of an annual exhibit. All guests were members of New York's high society. When Diana Vreeland became the costume consultant, the Met Gala became what it is known for today and began being held at the Met. It became a glamorous affair with different annual themes, still invite-only. However, in the 1970s, Hollywood starlites began to join socialites on the carpet, making it more than a philanthropic event but also a public social event. 

In recent years, notable figures across all fields have been invited to the exclusive event. It is one of the biggest fundraising events in New York City, hitting a record in 2022 at $17.4 million raised between donations and seats bought. Day not invited, which cost $75 thousand. 

The icon Anna Wintour, who took over as chairman in 1995, picks out those who will be invited, along with the year's theme. All guests are prohibited from taking any photographs within the event past the carpet. This famous and iconic event is a chance for people to make statements and for designers to make their mark. Now let's talk about some of 2024's fan favorites following the theme: “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” 

As per usual, Zendaya stunned in not one but TWO beautiful and on-theme looks, her first being a custom Margiela look and her second being a vintage spring ‘96 collection Givenchy dress. Lana del Rey, another Met Gala staple, stunned in a custom Alexander McQueen gown. Many male celebrities,such as Bad Bunny in Maison Margiela and Alton Mason in Thom Browne,  stepped out of their comfort zones and broke the trend of men wearing simple black suits to the Met Gala.

Overall, the Met is an iconic night that people around the world look forward to. Getting an invitation is prestigious, and getting to style a celeb has the potential to be life-changing. We can't wait to see what next year's stars come up with.

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