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HBIC In Training 3.6 Carat .925 Sterling Silver Moissanite Ring

HBIC In Training 3.6 Carat .925 Sterling Silver Moissanite Ring

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HBIC In Training 3.6 Carat .925 Sterling Silver Moissanite Ring

The HBIC In Training Ring is perfect for those seeking a maximalist statement ring at an amazing price. Crafted from high-quality .925 Sterling Silver, this ring features a stunning  round cut, 1 carat GRA Certified Moissanite stone, sure to steal the hearts of your loved ones. On each side of the center stone are 2 smaller 0.8 carat round Moissanite stones. Going along the band are 2 smaller 0.5 carat round Moissanite stones. This makes the combined total of this ring to be 3.6 carats, adding to the ring's overall brilliance and sparkle.

This ring is not only visually stunning, but also a symbol of commitment and love. "HBIC In Training Moissanite Ring" is a statement piece, designed to show your partner that you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and spend your lives together. Whether you're planning a surprise proposal or looking for the perfect engagement ring together, "HBIC In Training" is sure to leave a lasting impression and make your partner say "Yes" without hesitation.

*Moissanite is as nearly as hard as diamond and will last a lifetime. It has much more fire and brilliance than a diamond, which makes it an eye-catching stone that will light up any room. It will save you thousands from an earth-mined diamond. 

Moissanite Stones Details:

Color Grade - D 

Some sizes are Ready To Ship/ Pre-Order sizes state next to size 

**This product is:

-.925 Sterling Silver


-lead, nickel, brass free


Pre-Orders will ship within 2- 3 weeks

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