KC's Guide to 2023 Fashion Trends

KC's Guide to 2023 Fashion Trends

We may all be wondering what this new year is going to bring as far as fashion trends. Fear not - we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we are going to highlight top fashion trends that you should keep an eye out for this year and which of our jewelry we think would pair perfectly. 

Up first is the oversized accessories! This is exactly what you’re thinking - big, extravagant, and bold jewelry, huge bags, and any accessory that makes a statement and turns some heads! A few KC jewelry pieces that we think would go perfectly with this trend are the Big Energy Smiley Necklace, Bianca Hoops, and the Baddie Snake Bangle

Next up is the biker vibe trend! All leather everything! We’re talking leather jackets, pants, skirts, and more. This trend is meant to be edgy, so think lots of silver, chunky jewels! Make this trend your own by using what you have to emulate the biker vibe and wear what makes you feel amazing! This trend can be subtle, with your favorite leather pants and a t- shirt - to an all leather look! We’d pair this trend with the Trinidad Cuban Link, the Marlee Ring, and the Iris Duo!

This next trend has been popular and is only becoming more popular in 2023! I like to call it the business baddie - making your professional clothes fun. This can mean oversized blazers paired with jeans, a fun colored suit, or your favorite button down with a statement skirt. Anything that allows you to style these business staples in a fun, unique way that screams boss babe! To make your professional clothes look cooler and more carefree, I’d definitely pair this trend with the Heartbreaker Layering Necklace, the Boss Necklace (for obvious reasons), and the Atta Girl Hoops

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