Klarisa’s Styling Tips & Tricks

Klarisa’s Styling Tips & Tricks

Are you ever feeling stuck on how to make the most of your jewelry when it comes to styling? We’ve all been there wondering how many pieces are too many, how to successfully layer necklaces, or if mixing metals is a no no. For this week’s blog we decided to put together a list of Klarisa’s essential jewelry styling tips and tricks to get you inspired when styling your favorite pieces! Keep reading to find out how Klarisa stays ahead of the curve when it comes to jewelry styling hacks!

1. How to prevent your necklaces from tangling

An easy way to prevent your necklaces from getting tangled is to mix the style and size of the chains! Mixing a thicker chain with a thinner chain can actually make it less likely to tangle because of their different weights! A thicker necklace is less likely to move around as often as a lighter necklace! Additionally, wearing necklaces of different lengths will prevent the necklaces from rubbing against each other and getting knotted. Necklaces tangle way easier when they’re the same length! A perfect example is pairing our dainty Lylah Necklace with a thicker, different textured chain like the So 90’s 2.0!


2. Mixing metals 101

Klarisa’s go-to rule of thumb is to stick to the same finish on earrings and necklaces - but have fun with mixing metals, like gold and silver, on the wrist! A great way to style your jewelry when you want to mix metals is to layer more pieces. In this care, the more the merrier with stacking more rings on your fingers and layering necklaces! This makes mixing metals look more effortless and purposeful than if you were wearing fewer pieces. Balance is also key! Looking for one piece that already has multiple metals is a great way to tie in the different metals that you’re wearing. You want your jewelry to look cohesive when wearing different finishes! Try our So Extra Necklace or the Iris for the perfect mixed metal look! 


3. How to elevate your look

One of the best ways to elevate any outfit or look is to layer! By adding more jewelry, especially with differing textures, you can take any simple outfit to the next level. You can do this by stacking your favorite bracelets and rings, as well as layering a few necklaces! Jewelry truly elevates your outfit, making you stand out and look effortlessly chic. An amazing way to navigate around elevating your look is to start with one stand-out jewelry piece and style the rest around it! Styling your jewelry according to your outfit also helps when deciding whether to go gold, silver, or both! If you want the layered look without having to think twice about what necklaces to pair, we have the most amazing options for you! The Cleo Necklace Trio , as well as the Heartbreaker Layering Necklace Set both cover all bases when looking for the perfect necklaces that go together seamlessly.


4. Don't over do it

When elevating your look with jewelry, mixing metals, or layering on your favorite pieces, you always want to keep in mind to not over do it. As Klarisa always says, you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree! We definitely encourage being bold when layering your pieces but also keeping in mind that there is a good way to do it. When layering necklaces, it helps to go for a gradual effect, meaning short to long! It helps to choose daintier pieces as your shorter necklaces and heavier, more bold pieces as your longer necklaces. Another tip to not over do it is to stick to no more than two different metals when mixing colors!

We hope that Klarisa’s essential styling tips and tricks inspired you to try something new and be courageous with your jewelry! Klarisa is always posting her daily jewelry on our socials, so definitely check that out when you’re feeling stuck or are looking for some more inspo! What are your go-to tips when styling your jewelry? 

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