90’s Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback

90’s Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback

They're back - Love it or hate it, your favorite trends from the 90’s are back in 2023! Fashion trends go through a cycle where they evolve and repeat over time. While some styles may seem outdated at the time, it's always possible that they will come back in style in the future, and right now the 90’s are trending majorly! Fashion trends tend to repeat themselves as designers often draw inspiration from past styles when creating new collections. Additionally, as time passes, styles that were once considered outdated can become fresh and exciting again. Now let’s get into the trends to take inspiration from!

Chunky Platforms

The 90’s chunky, platform shoes were all the rage and thankfully, they're back. From the dad sneaker, to platform sandals and heels, this was a trend that ruled the 90’s. Now for a modern-day twist, we are seeing all of these chunky shoe styles back into the fashion scene. As trends continue to recycle, there is a huge presence of this type of shoe!

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans had their exciting moment in the 90’s, really highlighting streetwear, laid back style. As the years passed, baggy jeans were out and skinny jeans came in. Now circling back to 2023 baggy jeans are back and better than ever! Oversized jeans are both comfortable and stylish, especially when adding in modern touches!


Slip Dresses 

The 90’s slip dress is an iconic piece of clothing that was especially popular on celebrities and fashion icons of this decade. This style has made a major come back as it’s the perfect mix of effortless, edgy, and feminine. Whether it's a mini slip dress paired with your favorite kitten heels or a midi-length slip dress accompanied by a cool pair of cowboy boots, there's endless ways to style this piece while complimenting your personal style.

Denim Maxi Skirts 

We’re ditching the denim mini for a maxi, for several reasons. The maxi jean skirt was an absolute staple in the 90’s, worn by many fashion icons of that time. We’re loving the maxi due to its versatility and effortlessness. It’s classy, fun, and can be styled in so many ways. In 2023, it gained so much popularity and can be seen on many celebrities and fashionistas! Pair it anyway you like, it works for pretty much every season!  

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