Valentine’s Day Date Ideas & What Jewelry to Wear

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas & What Jewelry to Wear

Not sure what to do on Valentine’s Day this year? No worries - we’ve got a few ideas that are perfect ways to romanticize your Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating on Tuesday or during the weekend, with your significant other or friends, these date ideas guarantee a romantic, special time with your loved ones. And fear not - we got you covered with the perfect jewelry pieces to wear for each date!

Sunset picnic on the beach or at a park - For those who love to be outside and watch a stunning sunset, a picnic would be a perfect way to celebrate the holiday of love! Pick out your favorite items from the grocery store, such as items to make a charcuterie board, some chocolate covered strawberries, and all of your favorite snacks and treats. You can also pick up your favorite take out and head right to the beach or your local park.

All you need is a blanket, you and your partner’s favorite foods, and maybe a bottle of wine … or two! There are several ways to spice up this picnic to make it fun and special. You can bring a speaker to play your favorite music and bring an activity to do together, such as painting, board games, or cards! This date idea is all about spending quality time with your loved one!

The Fab Duo or Slayer paired with the Bop and Savage Rings would be amazing choices for this date idea.


Special dinner date - For those who enjoy dining at a special restaurant and having a night out on the town together, we’ve got you covered with the perfect accessories to elevate your V-Day outfit! To elevate your typical dinner date, we’ve got a couple ideas.

The first idea is to book reservations at you and your significant other’s favorite restaurant! This is a way to take the stress off finding somewhere new to dine, as well as enjoy both of your favorite meals at your go-to spot. Another idea is to go to the restaurant where you had your first date! This is a cute way to relive your first date together and look back at all those special memories. Lastly, finding somewhere special to go, such as a fancy restaurant that you’ve been dying to try or a place with a romantic candlelit dinner atmosphere! Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with the classic Valentine’s Day dinner date.

To spice up your dinner date look, the Girlboss or Main Character Trio paired with the Love That for You Ring and the Sophia Sparkle Bag are all amazing options! 


Cooking at home together - This date idea is perfect for those who love to cook, try new things, or if you’re a homebody wanting to enjoy time together without distractions! In the comfort of your own home, cooking together is an amazing way to have that one-on-one time and make cooking a meal together enjoyable and special. To liven this up, play some tunes, light some candles, pick your favorite food to cook, or try a new recipe to make together!

This can be an amazing way to make cooking fun in any way you’d like, while working together to create this special meal. Since your home, you can finish off the night with a rom com marathon cozied up on the couch together! If you're not the biggest cook, ordering in some take out and picking some of the ideas listed above can be the perfect way to elevate your typical night in together.

Even though you're staying in, you still can dress up in your favorite V-Day jewelry pieces. The Classy Girl paired with Round the Way Girl Hoops or The Minimalist with the Vibe and CEO Rings would all look amazing and feel so comfortable!



We hope these Valentine’s Day date ideas give you some inspo to spend your Valentine’s Day in the most special way possible! What date idea is your favorite?

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