What Jewelry We Would Bring to Our Summer Vacation

What Jewelry We Would Bring to Our Summer Vacation

With Summer Vacation right around the corner, it's time to start preparing for summer vacation outfits! Jewelry is a necessity when it comes to summer vacation. Whether you're looking for something simple for a beach day or going full glam for a nice dinner, we've got the look for you!

Beach Day Outfit


When we think summer, we think about our toes in the sand and laying out in the sun. We love our anklet's and the perfect place to accessorize your outfit with anklets is at the beach! Wear just one or wear them all, our Callalily Anklet Quad is calling your name. Anklets might be a thing of the past but just like all trends, they're making a comeback this summer.

Poolside Outfit

Gold and silver jewelry  

Who doesn't love a good pool day? When we think pool day, we think luxury cabana, endless drinks and the most plush pool towels. But seriously, we also envision a luxury swim suit and cover up, a big Boujee hat, some incredibly large sunglasses and the classiest jewelry. Our Iris Necklace & Bracelet Duo pairs perfectly with every elevated swim outfit with their gold and silver features.

Shopping Outfit 

 Pearl bracelets

Every awesome summer vacation features a day of shopping, there is simply no denying that. If your anything like us, you know shopping requires it's own outfit that gets packed in your suitcase. When we think summer vacation shopping outfit, we picture a gorgeous summer dress, some sandals, boujee sunglasses and our Queen Anne's Lace necklace's and bracelet's quad.


Exploring Outfit

 Thick Huggie earrings and thick gold chain

Now, depending on where your summer vacation destination is, an exploring outfit might differ. Therefore we have chosen two looks from our new May drops. The first being for a more casual exploration day with maybe some workout clothes, some sneakers, hair in French braids and our Angel's Trumpet Quad Set. The next being some shorts and a casual shirt and some sneakers with our Daisy Duke necklace, earrings and bracelet trio!


Nice Dinner Outfit

 Pearl necklace and earrings

To finish our summer vacations off, we found that most of us here at KC typically like to go out for a nice dinner to reminisce on the fun vacation. When we think summer vacation dinner outfit we think about full glam. Our favorite pair of heels, stunning make up, our favorite little black dress and some eye-catching jewelry. Our Snow Drop necklace and bracelet duo is the first two accessories that come to mind for this elegant nice dinner outfit.


The jewelry inspiration does not end here! Check out our new drops twice a week in the month of May for even more awesome looks for summer.

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